Single-Origin Coffees

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S&W Craft Roasting is a small owner-operated specialty coffee roasting company located in central Indiana. We strive to provide consumers with fresh roasted single origin coffees delivered to their door at a fair price. Please click on the Single-Origin Coffee tab, above, to browse our current offerings.

We are fascinated with the variety of naturally occurring flavors found in single origin coffees. All of our offerings are responsibly sourced and carry various certifications. We use no natural or artificial flavorings or preservatives in our process, so everything you taste comes from the coffee itself. Our roasting philosophy is to highlight the best flavor traits of each bean without imparting roast characteristics. Most of our roasts are light to medium, or City to Full City. All of our coffees are roasted in our Agtron controlled 12kg Sasa Samiac drum roaster, and are sold in 1 lb units. Roast dates are hand-written on each bag. Orders are processed at 6am EST, and then roasted and filled each business day. Your shipping label being printed is the trigger for your beans being roasted, and your order is picked up by the carrier on the following business day. Cutoff time for order processing each day is 6am. Priority Mail is typically 1-3 days transit time. First Class Mail is only available for orders under 16 ounces, and will default to 999.99 if your order is overweight. The best per-unit shipping cost is for 4 lbs via USPS Priority mail Regional Rate A box. UPS Ground shipping starts to become more cost effective for orders over 8 pounds. We also ship via Priority Mail to Canada, with expected transit times of 6-10 days **Please Note: There is no UPS Ground for Canada**

Purchasing and Storage:

We recommend only ordering as much coffee as you can use in a 3 week period. Roasted coffee needs to de-gas for 2 to 5 days (depending on the origin) to develop the flavor. Due to transit time, most of our origins will be at their prime when they arrive, while some may improve in flavor after a few days. Your coffee will be at it's peak flavor for about 2-3 weeks, after which the flavor will begin to decline. After 10 days a piece of tape may be placed over the degassing valve to retain flavor. Store your fresh coffee in a dark, cool place (think pantry or kitchen cabinet away from the stove, NOT refrigerator or freezer).

To maximize your brew's flavor, we recommend purchasing whole beans because once ground, coffee stales in a matter of hours. However, we do offer precision Mahlkonig grinding for a small fee. Please specify your desired grind level (or brew method) in the comments section during checkout. Our beans are shipped in heat sealed valve bags with resealable zip closures.


We recommend using a burr grinder to prepare only the quantity of coffee which you will be using immediately. Brewing with a French Press or pourover will highlight the brighter fruity and floral notes of a coffee, while a drip machine will bring out the deeper rich flavors and sweetness. For brewing, we recommend a coffee to water ratio of 1:16 (just under 2g/fluid ounce or 2 Tbsp per 6oz cup), and water right off boil. Grind size, coffee to water ratio, and brew style greatly affect the brew flavor and these should be adjusted to fit your personal taste. Please join us, /u/swroasting, on Reddit in /r/coffee to discuss brewing methods in more detail.

Tasting Notes:

We know what we like, but we are not professional cuppers. We combine our own opinions with cupping information from reputable outside sources who have more extensive flavor vocabularies. These should be regarded as guidelines, not guarantees, because a given bean's flavor can vary greatly, depending on fine variations in the roast profile and brewing method (grind size, water temperature, mineral content, etc). Our detailed cupping evaluations are available through the Angel's Cup app and has posted independent reviews of some of our coffees.


Nick's preferred shot style is a bright, punchy and fruity shot at 1:2 in 30 seconds after preinfusion using a 70ppm Hardness / 20ppm Buffer water. This works well in milk. Other people enjoy a softer shot with more clarity by pulling a 1:2.5 shot in 12-17 seconds using 60H/90B water. This shot is more favorable for a subtle, balanced, neat espresso.


Though our webstore does not offer a subscription model, we can fulfill requests for recurring shipments. Please email for assistance.

APO/DPO/FPO shipments:

YES, we can ship to you! As a veteran-owned company, we're proud to offer a 30% Deployed Discount to all APO/DPO/FPO addresses using discount code 'Deployed' during checkout.

Coffee is a commodity. We strive to offer the best of the best. Most varieties are only available seasonally, in limited quantities, so enjoy your favorites while they are in stock. Our inventory level for each product you purchase is displayed in your cart during checkout.

Follow us at to find out about our newest offerings and public events, come chat with /u/swroasting on Reddit in /r/coffee and /r/roasting, follow @swroasting on Instagram & Twitter, join us in the Espresso Aficianados Discord, or drop us some feedback on Google+

Please enjoy our beans, and tell your friends about us!