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Culled (cold) Brew

2lb Culled (cold) Brew
2lb Culled (cold) Brew
2lb Culled (cold) Brew
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Following a Social Media Announcement after Jan 1, we will begin transitioning to our new host at and to our new package sizing of 300g! This will allow us to offer reduced cost First Class Shipping, and to fit more product into our Priority Mail packages, effectively reducing your unit cost. This store will continue to operate, but it will be locked, preventing edits. Items will gradually become sold out. Eventually, this site will simply forward you to our new store.

Yep, these are the ugly beans which get picked out of our single origin coffees by our Optical Sorter, but they taste too good to throw them away! So, we decided to clean them up a bit more (no quakers, no overroasted beans, etc.) and grind them up for you at a bargain price.

These are great for cold brew - we recommend a drip tower at 36-48 drips per second, or immersion at a 1:12 ratio for 36-48 hours in the refrigerator. These will be available in limited quantity (as production allows), and the blend will vary, depending on what gets roasted every day. **New beans means new tasting notes. Peanut Butter is prevalent in the lead, followed by a touch of fruity sweetness, and hints of cocoa in the finish.**

This product is two (2) pounds of our Culled Brew, preground to our optimal cold brew size (Mahlkonig 6), and includes FREE Priority Mail shipping when you use coupon code CULLED (not applicable to orders which do not contain Culled Brew products).

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