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Brazil Daterra Summer Solstice
Brazil Daterra Summer Solstice
Brazil Daterra Summer Solstice
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Light and vibrant - lemon, lavender, rose tea... so refreshing! City roast.

Let me preface by saying that historically, I have not been big on Brazil Naturals, and this coffee is a wild departure from what I'm used to - I'm so glad to have found it! This is a light but super refreshing pourover. But... shots, you ask? Yes, amazingly bright and sweet - this is an awesome eye opener - definitely not your grandad's espresso - you'll want a high end grinder and be experienced at dialing light roasts! If you told me this was a high elevation washed Panama in a blind cupping, I'd believe you.

***As our lot numbers have changed, I'm noticing more nutty and some dark berries sneaking into this coffee, but it's still mighty enjoyable.

Bourbon Amarelo varietal, natural process, grown in Cerrado region, RFA certified, 1150 masl.

Sold in 1 lb bags.

From Daterra:

The Cerrado Region: Steady climate, dry-fresh winters, warm-wet summers. Dry winds in pleasantly hot days and refreshingly cool nights. Sounds like the dream place for one’s vacation. In fact it is the perfect condition for amazing beans to be grown. This is what you find in the region where Daterra farms are located.

Our farms in the city of Patrocínio are the oldest coffee plantations in Brazilian Cerrado region, and it is amongst the best coffee producing areas in the country. All plantations are located at an average altitude of over 3.000 ft and some terroirs are around 4.000 ft.

Wind, sun and soil are exceptional for Arabica trees. The diverse altitudes and microclimates create conditions that will later surprise the palate with a large range of flavors from velvet-chocolaty to bright-flowery profiles.

Coffee connoisseurs and world barista champions often visit the farms, and we work together to learn innovative processes for coffee cherries and creating new micro-lots of exceptional coffees.

Coffee That Is Truly Green

Sustainability: Sustainable agriculture was still quite unknown for Brazil at the time we started our coffee endeavors. How can one take something from earth without harming it? Simple: we borrow it, and then we give back.

It is not only about producing the best coffee of the world. It is about producing coffee for a better world.

1st Rainforest Alliance Farm in Brazil; Sustainable farm model by Illy in 2008; 1st Climate-friendly farm verified to meet the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Climate Module. Winner of the prize “Prêmio Fazenda Sustentável 2015” by Globo Rural, Brazil’s major agricultural magazine, as the most sustainable farm in the country