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Cascara coffee cherry tea 16oz
Cascara coffee cherry tea 16oz
Cascara coffee cherry tea 16oz
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Product Description
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This loose leaf single origin Caturra varietal coffee cascara, called Perla Negra, is grown organically and processed in Costa Rica by the Las Lajas micromill.

Cascara is the husk and fruit of the coffee cherry which is removed before the beans are processed for coffee, and dried. The dried cascara is steeped, just like tea, to make a very refreshing, mildly fruit flavored, mildly tea flavored, mildly acidic and naturally sweet beverage. The flavor is reminiscent of apple juice with cherry, cranberry, raisin, and honey flavors. The caffeine content varies, depending on how you prepare it, but is generally around 1/3 of the caffeine of regular coffee. Cascara is also loaded with antioxidants.

Preparation: We like 2-4 Tbsp per mug, steeped with 205F water for at least 6 minutes (cascara will not overextract the way coffee does), and strained with a wire mesh filter. For stronger flavor, pour boiling water until the cascara is just covered by about 1/2" and steep for 8-10 minutes. For additional sweetness, honey works very nicely. We enjoy it both hot and cold. When chilled and served over ice, it tastes like a fruited iced tea with lightly citrusy finish. If you let it steep until cool, it will emphasize the natural sweetness. Used cascara can be re-steeped with reasonable results if you add around 20% fresh cascara. It can also be cold brewed for 12-14 hours and it can be eaten straight or used for baking (like dried cranberries).

You are purchasing 1 pound of loose leaf Cascara coffee cherry tea (the larger bag in the picture). A smaller 4oz package is also available.