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Guatemala El Panal with Coffee Blossom Honey
Guatemala El Panal with Coffee Blossom Honey
Guatemala El Panal with Coffee Blossom Honey
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This is medium bodied cup boasts heavy rose flavors, with a light clove and nutmeg finish. City roast. Depending on your extraction, you're likely to get plenty of chocolate and maybe a little cherry too.

Will it spro? Yes, quite well, especially with milk.

Jorge is the primary producer for the Coffee Blossom Honey project. Each pound of this coffee will come with 5 sticks of his honey harvested from the coffee blossoms which these beans originated from (each sampler will include one stick). It may be psychosomatic, but I swear I can taste a similarity between the florals in the cup and the florals in the honey!

Caturra and Bourbon varietals grown by Jorge Mendez in the San Pedro Necta region. Washed process, 1600 masl.

Sold in 1 lb bags.