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Precision Mahlkonig GrindingPrecision Mahlkonig Grinding
Have your fresh-roasted coffee precision-ground to your desired coarseness level. This section is for illustration purposes only. Select 'ground' when you order your coffee and indicate your desired grind size in the comments section during checkout. Grind sizes range from 1 to 13. Click each image on it's description page to enlarge, and compare to your current grind using a dime for scale.

Manufacturer recommend grind applications (subject to calibration deviation):

1-2 Extra Fine: Turkish (manual), and some espresso pump machines

4 Fine: Most espresso pump machines, Fully automatic coffee centers, Stovetop mocha machines, and Manual filters with manual brewing (pourovers)

6 Medium: Drip coffee makers (coarser for GoldTone, finer for paper filters)

8-10 Coarse: French Press and Percolators

Note: A grind which is too fine can result in clogging and overflow. Grind also affects flavor. If your grind is too coarse it will taste sour, and too fine will taste bitter. If your espresso pulls too fast, go finer, too slow, go coarser.

Disclaimer: We absolutely recommend grinding your coffee just before brewing. It will taste better! Grind quality is of utmost importance when it comes to flavor.

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