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Roaster's Select
Our new Roaster's Select program allows us the flexibility to explore beans which don't quite fit into our standard business model. These beans are hand roasted by Nick or Charlie in small batches. They are much more labor intensive, and are not available in large enough quantity to allow weeks of profiling, so it's literally one test batch, followed by a few small roasts. In the future, this program will likely include special processing methods (carbonic maceration), varietal separations (pink/orange bourbon), limited quantity/rare beans (Yemen), more expensive beans (gesha), and whatever else interests us when we find it! These beans will be available in very limited quantity, only as whole bean, and to keep the price point down and give more people a chance to try them, they will only come in a smaller 6 ounce bag - not our usual 1 pound package. To receive alerts when beans are added to inventory, follow us on Twitter @swroasting #SWSmallBatch

Sorry, there are currently no beans available in this category.